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Personal growth is intentional. Personal growth is a choice. And as you embark upon your growth journey, you will find that there are barriers, obstacles and hurdles that you will encounter. These encounters can and will stop you from living and operating to your fullest potential. However, if you are prepared, you can be proactive, instead of reactive, when it comes to overcoming them.  

In this ebook, Lewana shares a few of those obstacles that she has had to overcome, personally, to walk in her purpose of enlightening, encouraging and empowering others.  After you read this, you will be aware of those things you need to avoid to grow beyond your current situation and fully walk in purpose, on purpose and for purpose. Enjoy!


You are 'ok' with your current self but you know there is more to you than where you are now. However, if you just wait to become a better version of yourself, you may just stay stagnant and complacent with the current version. Decide, today, to start making those small changes to launch the best design of who are you. Watch these 3 videos and download the worksheet to put action to faith and growth. 

Congratulations on making a great decision!

Becoming a Better Version of You
Week #1

Becoming a Better Version of You
Week #2

Becoming a Better Version of You
Week #3

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